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swapping my rear lights

  2002 Blue Extreme
hi all,

recently purchased some alternative rear lights for my 2002 clio extreme can someone give me a walkthrough of how to remove my stock lights and fit my new ones thanks in advance....;)


  Focus TDCi
Without knowing what you're replacing them with it's hard to say really.

The rear lights can be unscrewed from in the boot. If you look in both corners of your boot, behind where the lights are on the exterior you'll find a three-pronged nut/bolt. Undo this all the way and your light will come off.

The light casing is held on to it's holder by about 4 clips. Lift all these clips and you will be able to completely remove the light casing. If you wish to remove the light holder from the wiring it simply unplugs.

The wiring plug can be opened up to gain access to the wires, but I won't go into that.
  Audi A3 TDI 170 B.E.
Open boot unscrew rear light using torx screws (about 2 or 3 from memory), from inside to boot, behind the carpet.

Unplug old light and then plug in new one, replace screw.

Check they all work..

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