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swapping tyres from standard wheels?


Scotland - NW
ClioSport Area Rep
is it possible to swap my wheels from my standard 1.2 clio onto a set of multispokes, by hand? if so, how much work is needed?



South East - Essex
ClioSport Area Rep
HA !

A garage / tyre fitter / generic highstreet 'quick fit'ting establishment will be able to swap your tyres from one set of wheels to another. How much they may charge is up to them if they didn't supply the rubber. There's a mobile guy near me who comes to you (well not you as you're in Scotland) and will swap anything for about £5-10 a corner. Call a few places and get some idea on prices !

the chances of doing it by hand are almost the same as you actually flying yourself to the moon by hand.
  E46 320CD
You mean swap your tyres?

If so you won't do it easily. If you were able to do it then you would have to go and have them balanced after anyway.

Go a garage, expect to pay about £20. You need a little back street garage, don't go kwik fit or you'll be robbed if they'll do it at all.


Scotland - NW
ClioSport Area Rep
yeah im planning on going to a garage! i was just curious to see if it was easy or not,

is that about 20 quid for balancing aswell?