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system and filter


I want to fit a magnex systm but only ever here of the, cat back, is that all they do? wolud it make any differance it i just fitted a back box?
Also piper x induction or filter element?
  Williams 2, STi N12

Reckon the general concenses on here would be to get the full cat back system plus a de-cat pipe, with just a replacement filter element that is housed in the original air-box.

Ive got the Piper-x induction kit... Sounds like it could suck in birds... Ran two cold air feeds up.. keeps in pritty cool...

I just got a 3.5" twin magnex back box and it looks and sounds great - was £175 fitted at Elite - could of gone for the cat back but was twice the price.

They do a 6" x 4" oval pipe but i prefer the twin 3.5" - whatever floats ya boat.

Regards filters, would touch an induction kit, just replace the filter.


did Elite make a good job of the fitting?

Dont you have to cut the original back box off?

I would be interested in getting a back box (more for looks and sound) but am dubious about the fitting of the replacement.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

One of the advantages of the cat-back option is that there is no butchering required. The middle section and backbox are all in one piece on the 172 exhuast, so for a backbox-only theres gotta be some cutting.
  Clio 1.8 16v

i have a piper x induction kit on mine and it sounds better than my mates who has a K&N think his melted once!!just got a mongoose full system on now and it sounds awesome i have a de-cat on mine and it gives me more power all through the rev range +it burbbles when i gear down and when i tap the accelertor over 4500 i can get loud bangs and small flames out of the exhaust cool hey?