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Table Top Racing


ClioSport Club Member
Not played my PS4 for a while now & only having a few goes on Dirt Rally i cant get into it or enjoy it.So will be trading it in over the weekend.Anyway came across this game in the Playstation Store Table Top Racing:World Tour,its basically micro machines!.any played this or playing it??.worth getting?


ClioSport Club Member
  Punto HGT Abarth
Is it still free? I downloaded it a while back, like you say it looked like the old (awesome) Micro Machines game.

I've found it quite addictive, most of the races tend to last 1-2 mins. I've finished all the base game championships/challenges. Bought the DLC too. Really like it, stick Spotify on and race around, toy versions of awesome cars ftw!

It would be amazing with split screen play but it's not there. 😧

Ay Ay Ron

ClioSport Club Member
I got it last month on PS+. It's a decent game on console. Decent when you want a quick game.
I had it on the phone a few years back too.

Darren S

ClioSport Club Member
No mate its £11,even thinking of selling the PS4 & getting an xbox as all my mates are on it or maybe swap

Never really understood that view. They are still your mates even if they aren't there to join in your game. It's like buying a diesel car because all your mates have one.

What happens if the majority of them buy a cheap PS4 and starting to play that more often, now that you've sold yours? Stick with what you've got - there are thousands of players out there to team up with!