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Tado - Geofencing Issue


ClioSport Club Member
  Octavia vRS
So, my Tado has recently developed this really f**king irritating issue where it sets me as "Away" despite never having left the house. I'd say this has only started happening in the last 4 weeks. Anybody else with a Tado, or otherwise, have any idea why it's doing this? Below are the things I have tried and some settings I currently have:

  • App is installed on an iPhone SE 2022, iOS 16.2;
  • App remains open in the background;
  • Geofencing is set to my iPhone only;
  • Home wifi detection is on and set to my home wifi;
  • Home area is set to 1,500m (yes, that is large...)
  • Home address is correct;
  • Phone location services are set to "Always" for Tado;
  • Background app refresh is active;
  • Mobile data is active;
  • Low power mode is not used.
Ok, a comprehensive list of checked items. So yeah...any ideas? It's doing my nut in. I'll be in the house and suddenly think, "oh, bit chilly in here". Check the app and ah yeah, the c**t thinks I'm away despite being stood in my God damn living room, 6 feet from the thermostat.

One thing I did notice today was WhatsApp said "Connecting..." whilst I was using it at home. I'm only now just thinking, is my phone briefly losing wifi connection (for whatever reason) and Tado is seeing that as me leaving the house..? So maybe turn off "Home wifi detection" for a bit to see if that solves the issue?

Your help is most welcome.


ClioSport Club Member
  Octavia vRS
I had this

Did exactly what you suggested.
Turn off WiFi , the I disabled geofencing in the app , turned it back in again and re enabled Wi-Fi

Ok, cool. I’ll give that a go and see. I did turn the Wi-Fi off when I posted and it set me to away 10 minutes later 😂. I’ll try the above. Then after that, it’s full uninstall and reinstall. Beyond that I’ll just suppress the anger about it until I have a stroke.