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Taking apart a headlight?

Iv seen a guide i believe..any one help shed some light on this?
In the oven to warm up the glue then pull apart is what iv read..


It's meant to work yeah, but you have to be careful not to melt the actual casing!

Oh and then you need to re-seal it once it's done.
  ITB BG 182
Im sure as hell that i would not want to try re-heating it in the oven, knowing sods law your main front will melt first before the actual glue.
  Clio 172
i did this to my saxo lights, you have to make sure that when your putting it back together you get a proper air tight seal otherwise hello condensation. i used some silicon (spelling?) sealant when i put mine back together to make sure.
  Black Gold Trophy
I wouldnt advise it with mk2 headlamps, the casings are plastic so they will most likely melt, also the fixings on the back will melt too and they wont ever sit right again!
  Renault Clio Sport 172
I did this on my Lexus to paint the insides matt black and remove the orange indicator strip , its quite easy , do it on a low heat for no more than 15 mins and watch it constantly , it only has to soften the adhesive then prise it apart with a non metalic blade ( I used a kiddies toy screwdriver ) , be sure to seal it properly on refitting .