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taking out the interior?

:D has anyone got pics of the back of there clio totally stripped out?

im going to turn my clio into a rally replica and eventually get a new lump in there, nbot sure what yet but probs a vag but that a bit further down the line,:dapprove:

have taken out back seats, spare wheel and all carpets, am thinking of taking out all the plastics too but wonder how it will look and if its easy to do, :S
the stripped out look is excellent mate, took me about two hours to strip everything out (and refit the front seats) including the carpet, and the spare wheel well is perfect for storing shopping after rally style blasts to tescos lol
lol, amen,

thats what im after, also looking at the clio rally kit, blue and yellow it is, williams style, were did you get your cage from? and how much?
got the cage off subway off here, custom made omp (fia aproved) unit - full cage tho, none of this nancy half cage buisness! lol theres some pics of mine stipped and caged here -




oh yes! i dont have any figures for performance diference but it felt far more responsive, not just acceleration, but on the twisties too, it did feel a bit light on some of the rolling country roads round me tho and the back end can go a bit light quite easy, its noisier - i like the noise lol, and with the cage in i can feel a diference when pushed hard, snappier i think is the best way to describe it! when everythings out, just tidy the wiring up a bit with some tape, my fave bit is that removing all the interior has got rid of all the stupid rattles my car had, in that respect its silent now! lol!
lol, were do i hide the wires though? lol also im having trouble getting the bar out that holds the back seats in, my sprocket set just clicks and no longer loosens it?
cant hide them, i just found a few areas of wire that werent taped up very well, that just needed wrapping for neatness sake- wires add to the rally stylee anyway tho lol, that bar is a beeyatch to remove, plenty of wd40 and a solid bar not a ratchet got mine out, you can try gentle heating but gentle is the word to remember
lol, no, my socket set has both a ratchet and a solid armed wrench too, you can really haul on them - more so than a ratchet type without it breaking the internals
It is a biatch .... I took the left one out easy. I twisted the head off the other bolt when it was halfway out!!! Doh#!