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Taoping/rattling/knocking when setting off?


ClioSport Club Member
  1.2 16v Renault Clio
Hi guys back again, so I had what I believed to be CV joint rattling from the n/s front when setting off, so I fitted some fresh refurbed shafts and the noise is still there? I've ruled out CV joint, but it sounds the exact same, it's only from front left and it only happens when either setting off or giving a decent amount of throttle while rolling.

If it makes a difference my car is a 182 but I have a 172 box fitted for some reason(came like that) and I'm lead to believe the 172s have a circlip and 182s do not? so maybe that?

Also whilst I'm here, there is a knocking when I turn the wheel at low speeds/stationery, only when just passing dead straight, I'm thinking rack bushes? I know I should have looked whilst fitting the shafts but I forgot to, if anyone can help with that too? Thanks!