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Tax camera’s

I drove past a tax check set up on the side of the road, two blokes sat in a van and a raidar type camera pionted towards the windscreen as you drove past, any one know how do these work?? and would the reflective windscreen block their view??got my car taxed but, but do take offense to being checked up on...what do you think??
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Sign of the times - Big Brother etc etc. I object to cameras too but Im not sure why. If you voice an objection the answer is usually why do you object if youve nothing to hide?

Mind you if it catches a few tax dodgers I spose its a good thing - apparently most people who have no tax have no insurance either, and thats BAD.

yeah I supose they can be a good thing when you think of it like that after all why should some people get away with not paying when others have to?? It was on a busy A road in Cornwall placed in such away that you couldnt see it till you were driving passed so no chance of avoiding!! So do you think that the reflective windscreen would have blocked it??


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I also saw one of em about a week back, I was travelling from Edinburgh to Peebles, the guy was just setting up at the side of the road, from what I could see there were no obvious markings on the van, just a plain white van.

As my tax is current (and always has been, although I resent paying 155 quid for potholes everywhere) I have nothing to worry about.

what happens if your disk is not where they think it is? is it pointed at the lower left of the screen? does the disk have to be here?

It looks are the reg plate, contacts the dvla database and works out from there if your tax is current. Usually a copper waiting further down the road for you.

I didnt have tax for nearly 3 years but still had mot/ins. Contrary to what people think, no tax does not void ur insurance (not on my policy anyway). A friend of mine had her car writen off and fessed up to having no mot for 8 months, they took 10% off the settlement.
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In Ireland they are always setting up roadblocks to look for tax discs. The really stupid thing about it is that they set the roadblock up on a 60MPH stretch thereby creating a serious hazard. A mile down the road they could do the same thing at traffic lights on a roundabout.

The worst is when the Revenue inspectors stop all the diesels to check that they are running on the proper fuel. You can sit there for a long time if you are driving a diesel as they pull over hundreds of cars, lorries and buses but only have a couple inspectors going around pulling samples.


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yep the blue ones monitor traffic levels, jams etc.

What gets me about road tax though is a person who uses there car 1 time a year pays the same amount as someone who uses it for 12 hours a day.

Why not abolish road tax and substitute it with the price of petrol (not saying petrol prices should go up, as they are high enough already)

Therefor those people who use there cars more HAVE to buy petrol, those that use there car hardly at all pay less tax, simple but effective, why cant MPs get there finger out and think up sh*t like this (cause they are dumb fcuks who deserve to be sent to Iraq and be put on death row)

also youve got to be carful when driving round town, in Kettering, Daventry, Corby and Northampton (all i know of) they use CCTV cameras which are situated in one way streets to check tax, mot, registered owners and police PNC and FIS records, the picture then goes through to the ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) control room where all these details are run through a computer, comes back with the results almost immediately

in addition to this, ANPR teams around the country have got Spectrum vans which to the untrained eye just look like normal Transit vans which can check both sides of the road, they work on the same principal as the CCTV system except they can go anywhere


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we have 1 of the other type of speed camera things the ones which to any body that dont know look like the road had just been dug up there like a black marking on the floor with a box next to it that they can plug a laptop in and measure speed etc and amount of vehicles.


theres a couple of those dotted around Northamptonshire aswell, but to use them they have to put up signs further down down the road to warn you they are doing spped checks

the best ones are the digital signs in villages that tell you the speed youre doing, quite cool to see "SLOW DOWN - 74MPH" on a board, at least i know my sppedo is accurate

I went past one of these in my wifes car.I was actually on my way to get a tax disk as it was about to end (the next day) I was wondering if I would recieve something in the post as it was about to run out.... I drove past it again with the new tax disk.... they had a van at each end of the road so I was probally on cam 4 times
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White van spotted today in Ashford Kent on the A28 heading out of town towards Tenterden. It was parked in the central reservation with 2 cameras facing on coming traffic, I guess one camera snapped the reg No. and the other the tax disc. The van was clearly marked TAX CHECKER or similar. Didnt bother me as I pay my rent, but is it an invasion of my privacy, I might have been picking my nose or something worse! Imagine how I would feel if that appeared on YBF!