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Techy’s Comments Please

  Clio v6

Just looked at Superchips site and couldnt help but wonder if the power curve results for the 172 are for real.

It seems to suggest that the standard 172 gave 174bhp (even before it was chipped )?

Not only that but they also show a curve chart for the V6 which seems to go the total opposite way?

A wee while back EVO mag had their V6 at Superchips and reported "The V6 won the day" and WOULLDNT be chipped.

Maybe I aint reading these charts right.

Your Comments please.

they cant even follow a standard for 2 graphs.. they are both showing increases(see the box which says original in it on the plot)

174 I dont think so...

note there is no temp reading for air (atmospheric) , or pressure reading.

DIN standards for bhp quoting say a tem of 20 deg C and a pressure of 1013 mbars.

the graph without that is meaningless.

  BMW 320d Sport

Looked at the 172 graph. It seems straightforward enough, assuming that both tests were done under the same conditions, the absolute accuracy of bhp doesnt matter, as long as the before and after conditions were the same.

Anyway - if you look closely at the graph, firstly the improvement in torque is only 5 lb/ft which isnt gonna set the world on fire.

Then the chip conveniently gives a very narrow peaky blip of power across maybe 100 revs in the power band, the absolute peak. The curve in general shows only 5bhp max above the standard power curve.