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Tell the insurance or not?

  COLTCZT,Clio 440T project
hi guys nd gals

I was thinkin about striping the valver the full works(rear seats doorcards carpet nd anything i can think of 2 save weight) but i was wondering if ya have 2 tell the insrance company or anything? would it pass an MOT stipped 2?
i was thinkin that id have 2 mention summin to the insurance coz surely ur makin the car into a 2 seater vehicle is ya remove the rears?
Need 2 sort the engine b4 i do this like :p lol



ClioSport Club Member
way i see it is its not a performance mod as such, and therefore they do not need informing, however if you claim for a stolen vehicle, or fire,they may ask why there is nothin in the rear of the car?

i wouldnt have thought it would affect your premium, however in theory if it does it would go down as there is less to claim on as there is less in the car??

not 100% sure just my opinion.
  COLTCZT,Clio 440T project
wen/if i come round 2 do it i was gonna inform them any way, was just wonderin was the law was with doin this?
  naples valver
will be fine with the law mate as long as u dont drive with any1 in the back(cos obvioulsy they have not got a belt on and it is dangerous) so ur car would strictly be a 2 seater. as for an MOT there is nothing wrong with removing the interior mate as long as u can open the doors from the inside the remaining seats are secure and working seat belts plus all the aux controls are still left in and working! we passed a stripped out 200sx and that thing had pretty much the bare minimum to be legal on the road.