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telling insurance about mods

what is the best way to tell them

eg. lowered 35mm

or lowered 35mm on fully adjustable supension kit

if you know what i mean ???

You might as well tell them the whole job - for the extra £20 it might cost, its cheaper than paying out for a whole new car when they void your insurance after youve crashed and theyve inspected it! lol

lol, they only asked me if it was lowered, not by how much or what with so it wouldnt make a difference if it was 20mm on springs or 80mm on coilys.

Id just tell them you have "aftermarket uprated suspension" then let them deal with it, Id be very suprised if it made a difference to your insurance premium as to whether youve dropped it 15mm,30mm or 40mm? I could be wrong though?