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Test drive: Mini Cooper-S

  CTR EK9 turbo

A friend of mine bought round to my house a brand new mini cooper-S (160 bhp supercharged jobby) in a nice blue colour. He took me out and it was a fully loaded one with GPS, heated seats and kitchen sink etc. I love the build quality of the car, very nice indeed. The handling was impressive too and the sound from the blower was pleasing to the ear. The GPS unit was annoying as we couldnt work out how to switch the bloody thing off! we did, however, work out how to switch off the traction control and i think stability(?) control(?), thats what my friend thought it was. Anyway, we left some rather large 6000 rpm clutch dump in first gear marks at the little chef slip road near Hindhead. It does go well, but fortunately not as well as my 172 (but its only 160). I expect the 200 bhp package will go very well indeed! i would definately like to test drive that monster. Also, the driving position is lovely - you are sat very low in the car and the wheels are separated widely from each other, which is good. A very, very nice car.

i test drove one last week they are 165bhp 135mph top speed (supercharged), 0-62 in 7.5secs. 6 speed.

and handeling f*** me it was good i was going at 110mph on a bypass at my bit and the is a road that sits at a right angle from the bypass and i hit it at 110 and it f***ing took it well, never roaled or f*** all the guy shat himself.

the one i test drove was blue with white alloys (didnt like it) i liked the silver better.

but very very nice car.