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Test Driving

  Mini Cooper S JCW

I am going to buy a 16v Clio in the coming month, but i have 1 problem...

i am only insured third party fire and theft, not fully comp.. does this mean i wont be allowed to test drive the car b4 i buy it?? :cry:

To be honest, I think it depends on your age and if you look responsible,

If its a private sale then you should be fine and you can always say you wount buy without a test drive.

If its from a dealer then they should have the insurance to cover you.

What im saying is that you shouldnt have problems unless you drive a private sale car and prang it. Ive sold cars privately and allowed test drives, didnt ask for insurance as they guys looked old enough and responsible enough. If your a 17 year old wanting to thrash the b****cks off it then I can see problems, otherwise shouble be ok.

Disclaimer: I cant be blamed for anything that goes wrong :D
  Mini Cooper S JCW

well im 19 and errr responsible! ;) (kinda!)

but iv been told i need to trash these beasts to get the best performance out of them?

Well, if you got problems and are unable to thrash it - ask the person selling it to thrash it with you as a passenger. The best thing is to be honest and say to the seller that because of the car it is you want to thrash it. If he doesnt want you to and wont show you it being thrashed maybe there is something wrong with it. Also, ask on this board what are the things to look out for when buying a 16v - common problems, expensive problems etc.
  Mini Cooper S JCW

yeah i think i will do soon tonyKL, iv read the buying advice on the site, its very good.

theres some1 on my road who has a valver as well so might see if i can chat to him about probs hes had etc..!

btw, wot mileage is it when the cam belt is changed? 70k or 80k? coz im gonna want 1 with it already changed as iv heard its pretty pricey??
  Skoda Fabia vRS

its 72k mate, but most suggest doing it at 65k

also i wouldnt want someone test driving my car thrashing it, they may not even buy it, however id happily show them what it can do from the passenger seat
  honda accord 2.4 type s

Id change the cam-belt earlier than at 65k, my cars only just got over 66k, but that didnt stop mine "breaking earlier" than expected and costing a small fortune:(