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That same old spring rate conversation

  Volantech CC Panels
I am currently running with Spax RSX, they are decent but they're my first ever coilovers so can't compare them to too much. The spring rates are apparently 340lb/230lb ish which, from going on track a hand full of times, I have decided are just too soft for a track car, however probably very good on the road. Without a roll center correction kit, running the car somewhat low and with those mickey mouse spring rates the roll is just too much for me, I just don't like it and I'd rather have a stiffer set up that is more flat in corners and doesn't lean so much so the only way to do this without a RCC kit is to stiffen up the spring rates as many people who race these cars seem to do.

I have purchased a set of Gaz Golds which I will be picking up in the next few weeks with 500lb/500lb spring rates, now while these spring rates are an improvement, they just don't seem like it would be an ideal set up. As for the fronts, somewhere in the region of 500lb is something that would make sense for me as I still run the car on the road so keeping it towards the softer end of the hardcore track car spectrum is what I'm after however it's the rears I am not sure about due to the ratio of rates from front to rear being the same yet there's so much more weight on the front than the rear.
With such high rates, I am wondering if the back end is going to be super tail happy and snap out or are these kind of rates somewhat what I'm after?

I've been thinking something like 600/450 would be more suitable and stick to similar ratios of the Spax but I reckon 600 is just a tad too stiff for the road, so do I stick to 500/500, do I soften the rears a bit to maybe 500/400 for a better ratio, or do I just go all out and break my back with 600/450 ish?

It would be great to hear any input or useful info on spring rates/suspension set up as I'm sure some things I've said are completely wrong, I'm no expert and would be great to learn more! TIA