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  1. FrogJam Motorsport

    Fred and James’ Clio 182 Racecar Project

    I’ve wanted to start a project thread for a while but progress on the car has been a little of the slow side whilst doing the fabrication work on the shell so there wouldn’t be regular updates. However we have just started to paint it so now there is light at the end of the tunnel so thought it...
  2. Mash.

    Clioless - E46 M3 Racecar

    Greetings all, like most of my builds I've done a build thread for so I thought it was about time to start one for my M3. This was my second clio 182. I had the intention to race it in the tricolore series, but something else took my fancy.. converting a 172 cup standard f4r engine to a f4rt...
  3. I

    That same old spring rate conversation

    I am currently running with Spax RSX, they are decent but they're my first ever coilovers so can't compare them to too much. The spring rates are apparently 340lb/230lb ish which, from going on track a hand full of times, I have decided are just too soft for a track car, however probably very...
  4. F

    fairm010's 1.2 Project

    @Typhoon told me I should be doing a project thread for my 1.2 Dynamique, I had thought there would be no interest for it but he thinks otherwise, so here goes! The car is a 2004 1.2 Dynamique with 56,000 miles when I bought it. Back when I was 17 the car was bought for my brother who was 17...