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The 3 oil gauges on my valver.....

...have all stopped working. Anyone know how to solve this problem or had the same experience with their 16v?

Cheers peeps

Take the dash out and make sure the plug is still in the back.
May just be something simple like that. Seems funny its all 3.

You have got oil in the engin havent you. ;-)


check what tony said as it is wierd for all to fail at once. take them apart and give them a good clean too while your at it


Does anyone know where the sender is for the level and temp gauges? Mine have packed up aswell, although the pressure guage is fine.

Everyone suggests obvious things like check the wiring plugs but anyone got any further knowledge???


The sender is at the front of the engine and just underneath the ISCV there is a plug, if this has disconnected you will lose oil level and temp!


Silly question coming up.....what does ISCV mean?

Would all this info be in the Haynes Manual as I havent got one, or are you just very clued up?!?

Yeah Mat is right the plug gotr them is the front of the engine by the air filter right in front ot a powersteering metal pipe.
Hows that for location?

Mine stopped working about a year ago and I took the dials apart to find a diode and part of the PCB had burned out. Not sure why this happened but worth checking because its easy to fix with a soldering iron and a new diode. Never had any problems with it since!

My Oil temp gauge doesnt work and hasnt since i bought the car. I couldnt find anything about it in the Haynes (but i would still recommend getting one). Ill get round to sorting it when i get round to changing all the dials, im just keeping an eye on the water temp for now.

my level gauge doesnt work now but the rest do, apparently the level gauge is attached to the circuit board itself, the other 2 just plug in, was quoted about 100 quid for a new level gauge and board if i remember rightly
take it apart put it back together works for a while, pesky loose connections

My oil temp dont work on its own. When its at the temperature that it should be working, if i press(quite hard) at the gauge it shoots up to about 100, when i turn the engine off it stays at 100 until i press the screen again????
My oil level only gos up half way(only recently done this) ive checked the oil and its ok so i dont understand?????? And the pressure from cold only gos to about 2 or 3 then eventually sits on 0 when its warm. Gonna get it serviced for the winter soon and supply my own oil so should get some good readings from my pressure hopefully the level will shoot back again.....