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The afternoon’s catches

Took to the road in this afternoons sunshine! Not many decent roads in Bristol, but there is a 10-mile long quiet dual carriageway with loads of rounabouts for the driviers entertainment.

First up was an red F-plate 911. No idea of the spec - just saw him in the rear mirror. I blasted into and out of a quiet rounabout in 2nd and he was absolutely all over me. Sadly, there was traffic ahead, so he pulled alongside and winked at me before he turned off at the next roundabout.

Then came an A-reg (1.8?) Golf Mk1 GTi. Never raced a hot hatch VW properly before. At first, he was not disappearing as fast as I would have liked him to - but it as becuase I was taking it easy through the roundabouts and flooring it after, whereas he was taking the rounabouts flat stick. So I followed suit and made use of the 16vs superior grip in the rounabouts - he was soon becoming a very, very small spec after each roundabout!;) (I let him catch up after every straight!).

Quite happy with the pace of my 16v, but I think the brakes are a bit iffy - even though the discs and pads are fine on there. Time for an upgrade methinks!:D I say, Ill have dosh in about a month, but then none after that until I get into a job later in the year! I could just try discs/pads first - much cheaper!

could do....i wont have money for a while still trying to get money to the people i owe!