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The Daddy’s Clio!


Personally not my cup of tea.................but do respect the amount of time and money to get it like that....


  Shiny red R32

Whose car is it?

I think the Lexus style lights really suit the red car better than the standard red ones. The Lexus ones are a nice contrast to the red bodywork, whereas with the standard lights there is no colour contrast in the lights area.


Well mixed responses, thanks for your comments, i put the 2.016v badges on because they look better than the black dci badges, as for the rear drums hopefully that wont be a problem soon as we are trying to source a 172 rear axle, which we have found to fit - no more drums then. The kit is new different so i know people arnt always going to like it, but then thats what car modin is all about. Plus i now have a dump valve fitted to it so it sounds quite nice. any more comments or suggestions?

Dont bother with the axle, too much hassle.

I love the colour and i think the back and sides are good but got to agree with the others on the front, its awful, get it put back to orignal and fit a nice splitter instead mate. Wheels are also coool.

  7.6cc :D

Quote: Originally posted by the daddy on 26 February 2003

Plus i now have a dump valve fitted to it so it sounds quite nice.
Sorry for being thick, but isnt that when the car is a turbo?
  Clio v6

Quote: Originally posted by boyracer666 on 26 February 2003

i agree wid jilly, i thought that a dump valve only worked wid turbos, unless u stuck 1 of those in there sumwhere
Its a PA system with a coke bottle opening. Pssssssssssssssst!
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

Yeah you have to respect the time, effort and the vision to do it. But I do hate Lexus style lights.....they look pants on Lexuss (or Lexi...whatever), other people must like them I suppose!!!

I dont mind the rear boot spoiler, where did that babt come from?



Quote: Originally posted by JillyB on 26 February 2003

Quote: Originally posted by the daddy on 26 February 2003

Plus i now have a dump valve fitted to it so it sounds quite nice.
Sorry for being thick, but isnt that when the car is a turbo?

as this is a turbo its ok

dci- turbo diesel

I like the spoiler, side skirts and rear bumper.

Not sure on the lights (i am wanting some pre face lift one - all red ) but money is tight at mo.

Dont like the front but at teh moment there is not much choice in body kits - it could be worse it could be the Carzone face lift one.

Yes i have to is very nice.....coming from a bloke that dont like the 172 look at all...i am impressed....looks lovely.


Quote: Originally posted by RobFenn on 26 February 2003

You dont actually need a dumpvalve for a turbo, one could be used for any waste gases
HA HA, what are you talking about! You cant have a dump valve on a non-turbo car!

Dump valves dont release waste gases either. They would need to go on the exhaust to do that, they release air pressure in between the inlet manifold and turbo.


ok hysterical laughter over..

I know you can, i just dont no all the mechanics of it all. I wouldnt of said it otherwise, think about it.

You cant, full stop. Not possible.

On an NA engine the air is sucked into the engine, so there is no pressure to release, which is what the dump valve does.

On a turbo engine (you know this) the air is forced in, therefore is under pressure. When you lift your foot from the accelerator (on a turbo car) the air pressure the turbo is trying to force into the engine suddenly wants to go back the other way (towards the turbo). Without a dump valve the air will hit the turbine blades causing the turbo to stall, the sudden stall of the turbine is also bad for the bearings. Going from over 150,000rpm to next to nothing in under a second. Fitting a dump valve means that when you lift off the gas, instead of all the air rushing back and stalling the turbo, it is vented off into the atmosphere (or under your bonnet!).

Sorry, I didnt mean to laugh like that. You must be thinking of some other valve.?

I know it wouldnt be doing that task, but some other wasted gas, maybe exhaust not sure, but a fellow mk1 golf owner had one, and there was a bit about it in an old max power, ill try and dig it up sometime.

Well if you think you know your stuff then you will know that the dci is a turbo diesel, the dump valve is there and it works so what more can i say than that! The turbo is situated on the right hand side as you look at it near the bottom towards the back. As for the kit i sourced it froma company in Portugal, who are also making me a set of door mirrors to match the kit. the spoiler is a combination of two bonded together which came with the kit and the standard spoiler on the sport. As for the front, Its different but i like it, it could be abit more agressive looking but its not like everyone else on the road

Uh, the noise would be stupid. Pressure from a turbo is so much greater than pressure from exhaust gases. heh.


im sure there is a company on the internet that sells a mock dump vavle that is controlled by the throttle, when you back off the throttle is activates something inside the valve and it makes the *ptisscchh* noise

not sure on the complete technologies, but as i say, there is a company advertising these

ill have a look and see if i can find their website

Im not doubting you have one on your turbo diesel as I know that can be done.

Its the dump valve on an NA car thats impossible.

Having one on an exhaust is daft, it wont do anything, apart from melt.!!

nah, flamer kits are just as bad

even the r-tec golf looks awful when it spits flames yet the car looks alright when its not on fire