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The Fast and the Furious

This film just makes you want to go and drive doesnt it ? Just been out for ages in the car, watched the first drag race and now I am going back out ! Such a good adrenaline rush film ! Anybody else find this ?

Also, is anybody any good at finding songs from films ? There is a song in the film where the 4 cars (Doms crew) pull up to the cafe where Mia is working. The song in the background goes something like " a Mustang, redlining every single gear", anybody know what this song is ?

Great film.

I like the track that Dom plays when they have the first drag race (line of 4 cars) and he switches the stereo on with the remote.

Lock it Down, by Digital Assasins.!


your not serious are you mate
dont tell me youve never heard of it

oh my god where have you been mate
youve missed the the best car film ever

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i know what you mean about watching the film, and then wanting to go and drive, but imagine watching the film whilst driving like (i can do). Often difficult to avoid speeding.

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It is the best film! It has very hot cars able to do 1/4 mile runs in 10 seconds, a pretty good plot and an excellent soundtrack. The DVD also has excellent extras, on the subculture in Japan where one guy who the film is lossly based on never lost a race in his heavily moded civic. You must get it. As Daipac said a real adrenalin rush.

Daipac: Deep Enough by Live is the best track from the film, shame they didnt think to include it on the soundtrack. Just made it harder to find it, lol
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I heard that there was a sequel in the pipe line as well, should be out late next year. Lets hope they just keep it to fast cars and good looking women without getting too caught up in an actual plot!!!

ps JamesG & Jilly have you been living under a rock for the last year?????? You must buy this film, its got Supras, FTOs, Civics etc. Its f*ckin quality!!!!


How can people not have SEEN let alone HEARD of this film ? My god ! Get out there and get it NOW ! Goooooooo !

clioclare, I dont know what you mean ! LOL !

"It doesnt matter if you win by an inch or a mile, WINNING IS WINNING !" - Now that is THE line of the film !

It is a cheesy film with some cheesy lines but the film as a whole is just so awesome if you like cars, I cannot see how you can fail to like it. One of the best women has to be that Japanese girl getting out of her car with the white stockings ! My god !

Also, what about that Dodge Charger, full on US grunt doing the 1/4 mile in 9 secs ! No NOS, nothing, just pure POWER ! Awesome muscle car !

Another thing I forgot, HMV are doing it in the Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal at the moment, I am going to pick a copy up of my own so I dont have to borrow it !
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"what do you think lance.....its an amazing machine", or "mmmmm 40 weight sounds nice"

quality, lance is the man
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There are 2 cd soundtracks out of the film

1/the fast and the furious
2/more fast and furious

cd 1 is crap

cd 2 is fantastic and is worthy of having a place in your autochanger!
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wongy, youve seen me drive so should know ive seen the film bought it and both soundtracks.....

Living under a rock!!
Any way im going to go watch Triple X staring Vin Diesel. its not all bout cars but some beuties in there.