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The Tomato has landed!!!!!!!!!!!!


ClioSport Club Member
  ST3 8.5
After 4 weeks of research, including a week away.
It's sitting on my drive teasing me!!!!!!!!!
Glad i waited as all the stories i have heard are not wrong.
Photos to follow when she's had a bath.


ClioSport Club Member
  ST3 8.5
R20 CWH said:
guid work.

Trust its not that gash one with the silver side strips

Thats actually not far from me, i think it's up for either £11495 or £11995, with all the silver??????


ClioSport Club Member
  ST3 8.5
Pre clean;


  • Trophy 06 001.JPE
    Trophy 06 001.JPE
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  • Trophy 06 003.JPE
    Trophy 06 003.JPE
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  • Trophy 06 004.JPE
    Trophy 06 004.JPE
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  • Trophy 06 006.JPE
    Trophy 06 006.JPE
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  • Trophy 06 007.JPE
    Trophy 06 007.JPE
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ClioSport Admin
  Clio Trophy #355
Nice one Steve, good to see you made the right decision :D
  Saxo VTR and clio Trophy
Looks good mate, just like mine :)

But yours has around 900miles less than mine atm
  v6 mk2
ive had mine for 5 months now, cracking cars!!! especially now i have the janspeed sorted!! i dont miss the vee at all! (well only sometimes)
  A red missile
Good choice fella, you wont regret it, had mine a year now and still get loving it.

Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to get decent track shots of you on three wheels :D and boy will you be smiling when it happens.
  172 cup baby
are those seats part of the extra options you can ask/pay renault for??? can they be put in a 172 cup?


ClioSport Club Member
  ST3 8.5
Right update, had her 2 weeks now.

All i can say is "wow the handling" it's unreal.
The stories about dentists are right!!!!!!!!

Thought i would miss all the 'toys', but i don't.
Just need to get a variable wiper stalk, it's the only fault with the car.