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  A Euro'd one...
They arent particularly good from what Ive heard or reliable. My mate had that amp powering 2 15" kicker L7s. He was p!ssed when my single 12" kicker and 12" pioneer subs sounded louder.

Take those power outputs with a pinch of salt.
  Bye Bye 182....
Its cheap rubbish mate. Mate had one of these and it went poof after a couple of weeks. He sent it back under warranty.


big power for small prices but evidently unreliable and generally poor quality;) have you seen the size of that 3000w rms amp if your go to there site they are selling it for 1500quid so why so cheap on ebay:clown: s
Avoid at all costs, those are PMPO (maximum) figures, the real world output for that amp is probably nearer 500-1000w. And it's manufactured on the cheap in the far east, hence won't last and will be inefficient.

Friend of mine bought some 3000w 6x9's from there and was wondering why my 150w component speakers sounded louder :D Mug.


ClioSport Club Member
  E46 330i tourer
my brother had some powering his re xxx v4 they were crap the sub wasnt even moving there a load of rubbish


  big fat japanese bus
Dink said:
but iirc someone once said

energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be converted

ooooh! That was me explaining why a cap is pointless!!! ;)

was on another forum though.... lol

the produce good power for not much money but has terrible build quality. Think of it as a kit car made from a metro with a Rover V8 engine will go like the clappers for a few days then go bang