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Things come in 3's

  Clio Williams No123



Greeted with this, this morning thanks to a kindly neighbour.

Any ideas how much it's gonna cost to fix? :(

I'm not an expert on bodywork but that looks like its gonna need a new rear wing!!

Is your neighbour gonna pay for it??
If you like him and get on with him try n work something out if not take him for everything!!
  182 - Now Cooper S
Its only metal at the end of the day, but i'd still be furious because i take alot of care of my car.

Looks like a nasty bit of damage though...Unless you get the wing from a breakers it will need to be fitted and painted. I think there is a chance that the whole side will need painting as one new panel with fresh paint will stick out like a sore thumb? May be wrong though.
  Civic Type-R
Will need a new rear quarter panel, pretty expensive I think. Lucky it is only cosmetic damage
  BMW M3
Looks like the front door edge has been scraped slightly too? Would only need a touch up though. But yeah new rear oouchh