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things to do to my williams

i want to tune my williams up a little bit. so far i have had a full system put on with a de cat pipe. whats the best air filter to put on these and has any one got any good ideas what i can do to it.
  TT 225

Unichip or superchip, NOS, replacement filter instead of induction kit (mines got a K&N) depends how much you want to spend really?
  Williams 2, STi N12

Kinda talking this through with a friend of mine...Im in the same a Magnex zorst with 57I.

Do I /we really want to do anymore to it?? I mean this thing is a classic and the grandaddy of all hot hatches! OK so it might not be that quick anymore compared to modern day stuff...but who cares??

I reckon you will regret it in 10 years time when all you have in your garage is a heavily modded Williams shell.

Well, to be fair..I was in the same classic line of thinking.......

Now I have a piper x replacement filter, superchip and decat on the standard exhaust. I must say that the difference is amazing. These things I have done has turned a great car into an awesome one. At the last RR day at BBT with my heavy aftermarket wheels on I made 166.8 on the rollers for not alot of dosh. My reckoning with the original wheels and some optimax in the tank shed make in xs of 170. Makes the car far more enjoyable to boot.

Horses for courses.