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Thinkin of buy 182

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Ok so let me tell you my story. I had a 1.2 16v a few years ago. Had it 2 years and it was a nightmare. Hut a pot hole and the airbags went. Yeah so it had a rough time. I have had a ford puma for 2 years now and at 125bhp or at least when it came out the factory. It's due an mot.

I'm guessing it needs 2 head lights and fuel lines and break lines. Talking a few quid. Now been 26 and having 2 years no claims the sport sounds up my street.

800 for a year for 182 - only thing that annoys me is that they have so much bad press (18 year old frashing them) so tempted to get them 197 but after reading the reviews the 182 seems the one to buy. I at the moment (end of the month) I will have 2k to spend.

I was thinking of a good 172 but just can't see past the 182. I like the twin exhaust and stuff.

So what should I buy and what should I look out for. There's one in my area at 48000 mines at 2k.

Would prefer the timing belt done but has full service history. Drop in price I wouldn't mind doing timing belt.

All feedback welcome
For £2K you want to be looking at a nice example 172 IMO

Although reading about your puma I would ask if you do get one that you actually take care of it (service/maintain regularly)
Iv just paid 2k for a 54 reg 182 with 66k and both cup packs. Very clean car.
Just before Christmas I paid £3250 for a very clean 182 on 78k with both cup packs and Recaros with belts done a year or so ago (no issue as they will be getting done again by a specialist when I have the money)

In my experience you will always get what you pay for and 2k is 172 money not ff182 money IMHO


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Paid £1,850 for my Clio 182 a couple of years ago now and it's been absolutely spot on the mark... I previous owned another one which cost me £6,000 at the time and it completely fell apart on me! Price and mileage etc. mean nothing, buy on condition.
  Clio 182 trophy
Ok good advice. My puma was cheap and was to get my by for the year but 2 year down the line I want something to spend money on. Wee puma got serviced 3 times and the bulbs fell out the headlight and melted the casing hence the replacement lights.

So milage isn't a big issue? Going to look at 172s
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I don't think you'll get a 197 for 2k as you said in your op, so I would forget that idea. As others have said, get the nicest example of a 182 or 172, don't specifically look for one model IMO.