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Thinking of getting a 182...

  Seat Leon FR
Hey Guys,

Im thinking about getting a 182...

I used to drive a clio 1.2 Sport (which i thought was great) but got rid of it for a Seat Leon 1.9 TDi FR

Ive had the Leon for a few years now and am getting a little bored and was thinking about going back to my old roots and getting a Clio 182.

What you guys think? This a good idea? I hear they are fab cars and great fun and having previously had a Clio and having a couple of mates that have 172's i kinda know how they drive but wanting to know what makes the 182 a great car to have!

Well ill be glad to hear from you all!
i just got one, go for it ! Just make sure you check everything before you buy. ;)

Insurance for 1 lol :p

GL finding a nice 182!
  Seat Leon FR
Maybe so with the 197 ive not looked to be honest.

Devfuse.. Yeah i checked the insurance and its all ok id be paying a little less than the FR so its all good.

Anyone got any good advice on what things to look out for when buying? Just so a month after buying one i dont get loadsa problems!
  Fabia VRS & Yeti
I'd make sure the cambelt service has been done and if not use it a bargaining tool. It should be done every 70k or 5yrs and most 182 are around this age, worth doing for peace of mind IM0. Exhausts corrode easily, engine mounts are weak and gearboxs aren't the strongest, oe tyres are expensive too. This is all covered on here though, I don't think you could get another car as light, entertaining, fun and useable for the money!
  Astra SRI/ Hornet
Do it. Ya should be able to get a trophy which are very desirable and have special Sachs suspension and recaro tredline seats. The Clio is the best pound per buck car out there and they just love to be driven hard all the time and I've found ultra reliable. Get the best you can afford and ya won't regret it.
  Seat Leon FR
Yeah, does look a really tidy car. Really like the look of it and the colour is awsome. (Is it Arctic Blue?). Yeah will check the milage later when i ring after work.


ClioSport Club Member
I'm sure that car was on here a few days back ... and someone found a problem with it?

I maybe wrong though!
  Seat Leon FR
Oh.. Ive looked back and cant see it on the post's i looked at... You remember what the problem was at all?
  Seat Leon FR
Phew... Thats a relief!

Got another quick question i hope someone can answer as me and my mates are unsure. My Leon FR (55 plate) has been valued at £6,600 and the Clio is worth approx £5,500. Now if i wanted to get rid of my car as part exchange for the Clio would this be allowed? And if so would the garage lets say give me the £1,100? As were in a recession i couldnt see them giving out money to customers but i just wundered what would happen in this situation...
  Lotus Exige, 182
I wouldn't put you off it, but I think the lights look wrong... Not sure on the mileage but the price looks ok to me. Used car values have increased in the past few months, some of the member's cars for sale on here are cheap IMO.

What you say re the valuation of your car is technically correct, but I'd be flabergasted if the dealer didn't find something wrong with your car to enable him to make you give him money. Not that I'm a cynic or anything!
  Seat Leon FR
Ah right, Yeah i think i could still possibly get £6000 for my car as its in really good condition. (nothing drastically wrong with it to be devalued £1,100 thou for the dealer to be able to get me to give him more cash surely...)

Oh and how do you mean the lights look wrong? (just curious as to what to look for).
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  Lotus Exige, 182
I'm probably going to be told I'm wrong with this, but I've got xenons on mine and the main lights don't quite look that. Is the car you are looking at a 182 Cup, or a 182 with cup packs? See this link below, which Justin posted up a few days ago - and it was pointed out the lights looked wrong for a "full fat" version and the car had possibly had a front end smash. Lights look very similar to those on yours:
  Seat Leon FR
Tbh i dont actually know if its a 182 Cup or with Cup packs... IF anyone could ellobrate on this it would maybe help. I see what you mean about the lights... Dont know if theres any way of finding out if its had a front end smash...
  Lotus Exige, 182
Basically, 182 Cup was cheaper to buy new but poverty spec, rear bench seat, a/c rather than climate control etc etc. 182 with cup packs (which looks like yours is) has climate control, split rear seat etc, but also has the cup suspension pack, rear spoiler and front splitter (which has been broken off the one you are looking at and is £150 to buy from reno!). Normal 182 with no cup packs has a smaller rear spoiler and light coloured alloys as opposed to anthracite.

I don't know how you'd check whether its had an accident, if you did an HPI check it might come up as a cat d or whatever if the insurers repaired it.

TBH, I'm probably wrong and there's probably nothing wrong with the lights, or the car, and the indicator bulbs have just been changed over (although I thought xenons were sealed units), but if you go to the dealer make sure you question them in detail.
  WANTED Arctic 182
Lights are fine on that car. Same lights as me. It's a cup packed 182. You can't get an Arctic Blue Cup :)

Even though they are xenons it is the same as any other ballast regards to changing the Indicator bulbs.
  Seat Leon FR
Spoke with the dealer last night who said it has 68k on the clock and a full Renault service history with all the stamps. What everyone think? Over priced?