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Thinking of getting cams

  RB 182
Hi guys, my belts are due soon so i thought while im getting them done i may as well get cams put in... I've seen people suggest 197 cams, cheap and easy to come by but require some special timing or something? Piper cams I heard are a good cheaper alternative? And then there are cat cams... 421, 428 or 438s? any pros and cons of each ones? I'm currently finding it dificult to find a set for sale.
Does anyone suggest any others? And does any one have any before and afters from adding cams.
I know which ever i get i will require a remap so that isnt an issue.


ClioSport Club Member
  dan's cast offs.
even though they've gone up 197 cams are still decent value for the gains they can give.
prima started doing billet cams for £300 but think that was just an introductory offer but worth checking their price.
  RB 182
Will be taking it to diamond motors, hopefully they can get the special timing sorted for the 197 cams then