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this any good sounds ok??!!!

  Clio 197 RB
Didn't think that 182's came on a 53 plate?? But MYCARCHECK says it's a 182, so as long as the body work was in good condition and its not a cat D/C, then definately!!


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OT but why do loads of auto trader ads have \\\\\\\\\ randomly in them these days?
  Maybe a 172 Cup..
Maybe my suspicious mind, but seems too cheap to me:S

Ask to see receipt for cambelt, be suprised if there is one....... If there isn't then you're looking at £500 for belts service mate. If I was a betting man I would guess at Cat-D.

Would rather get a smarter 172, than a ropey 182, although looks ok in pics to be fair.
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If that's a straight one then great price especially if there is proof of belts. Saying that the way 172's/182's have been dropping in price there are plenty of bargains out there these days.