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This any good


ClioSport Club Member

Been looking into getting a screen for my golf and just wondered if anyone knows anything about em and if this is any good?

Kenwood KVT-M700



RDS. FM/MW/Longwave. 30 Presets. Automemory. Traff/Announce. Radio Text. DAB Ready

Track/Manual Search. Random. Repeat. Scan. Disc Title. CD Text.


7” Widescreen Fully Motorised Screen With Variable Viewing Angle/Settings. Mask Key Security. Dual Illumination Keys. Touch Panel Control. System E’s With Graphic/Sound Effect Menus. System Q-EX With Speaker + Sub Match. Navigation Input. 2 x AV Inputs. 1 x AV Output. Dual Zone Sound Control. Hand Held Remote. 3 x 4.5v Preouts/Non-Fading Level. 4 x 47 Watts.