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This squeek is different.............


Ive had my clio for a fare few months now and have noticed this sort of popping,squeezing,squeeking sort of noise, its hard to explain but you wolud no what im mean if youve had it.
It is coming from the front drivers side, ive looked absolutly everywhere tightened everything up as best i can. Its always there when you first start the car, when you go over tiny bumps, small dips in the road, anything like that, but as soon as the car is warm the noise just disappears. This must be as things warm up they expand,right?
I also thought it could be my exhaust but i had that changed and it was still there. I know clios are very rattely and squeek alot anyway but f*** me this is driving me insane
I want my car lowered but if the suspension is made any harder....
anyone had this squeek.....