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Just got home from 2 weeks in Thailand on monday all nice and rested. Had my 172 booked in for a service today as ive now done 23k. dropped it off at 9.00am and got a call at 10am " you need new rear discs and pads and it will cost £220" told them to change the pads as i new that they needed changed but there was nothing wrong with my discs. Renault phoned back a couple of hours later and said my car was ok and i could pick it up. Got to renault and paid what i was due and then i was on my way. Its just a short distance to my house, i gave the car a wash and polish and then went for a drive down to the beach about 7.30pm, about 6 miles later it started making funny noises at about 30 mph in 4th. dropped in to 3rd and heard nothing, put it back into 4th and it started to labour real bad, jumping and making strange labouring noises again. From there i went straight back to renault and the guard let me into the yard where ive left it for the morons to fix it tomorrow. The only thing it must be is the plugs they changed, some fcuking gonk in a silly gray renault boiler suit has put it in the wrong way or somthing. So after coming back from my holiday nice and relaxed im now feeling so pissed off at these fcuking cockheads. Ive had my car a year at the end of the month and had nothing wrong with it at all in this time, Put it in to get a service and get it back broken. Ill let you all know tomorrow what the outcome is.

All Dealers are as bad as each other. About a year a go, took my Mrss Fiesta 1.3 into Dixons Ford (in Bury) for its 30K service. Travelling back up the M67 (pretty steep hill), giving it a good throttling, and lost all power in 4th gear. Later found out they had only gone an put Mondeo Zetec spark plugs into an Endura (oldie) engine. Burnt out all valves in one of the cylinders - was never the same again, rattling and pinking like fcuk. The b@stards ended up stripping down the engine to sort it rather than dropping a new engine in. Like you say, the fcuker comes out worse than when it went in when you use these dealers.


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Spark plugs? I thought they only needed changing every 75,000 miles???

this is what invoice says-
carry out 20k service
disposal of controlled waste oil
sealing washer
w/screen wash
sparkplugs x 4 £21.64
oil fillter
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Jas posted 20/08/2002 22:21 GMT Clio 172 Mk1 in Titanium Silver

Spark plugs? I thought they only needed changing every 75,000 miles???

I believe the above is correct.

Your handbook or service manual gives details of what needs replacing and when.
I am surprised they didnt fit Pollen filters also, ( a big money spinner for them )

Query this with them I know I would.

A friend of mine with a low milage mint condition Toyota Celica took his car to be serviced and soon afterwards heard funny noises coming from the engine. He stopped to take a look at the oil level, and there wasnt any. One new engine Mr. Toyota please.


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£220 for discs and pads? That sounds like daylight robbery, or is that the going rate?

Got the car back tonight after work. The renault monkeys said the sparkplugs(24.99+vat) that they put in yesterday were faulty ??????? my fcuking arse. anyway the cars running fine now.
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I got my car serviced at the garage i work in, had to phone renault to see where the fuel filter was and they didnt know themselves had a quick look around and found it combines in the petrol tank so wont let the cowboys at renault tuch my car now