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Thoughts on the Pug 106 GTi

Hi all ! I was just wondering what peoples thoughts were on the 106 GTi ? What is the build quality like on them, etc. ? I have always liked these cars but would be good to hear from people who have owned them or have friends who own them.




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A friend of mine has one, it is a gorgeous yellow one and it is a very fast car, would easily keep up with the 172. This particular one has been tweeked a bit, is very low and looks good with 15" Super Leggeras on.

A picture of it is here somewhere, having been posted a few months ago. I will have a look and if I can find it I will bump it up!

Better built than Renaults! I had a 306 S16 which was immaculate and I still wonder why I let it go with it having only just been run in really!

One of my mates has a yellow w reg 106 gti, the build quality is good and the thing flies, it handles excellently,

there is nothing in it at all both from standing and mid range, although the clio comes alive at 4500 rpm,

if my clio didnt look the way it did even as standard i would definately have one !

(probably get cained for saying that)

i have also been in a mates r reg rallye that was good to but a bit to light for my liking !
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my mate has a white gti, nice looking car and it is REALLY fast, but i am not very impressed with the build quality of it, the doors do not seem very thick and the bodywork seems a bit flimsy, i think part of the speed and performance comes from the car being so light in the first place, i wouldnt like to have a crash in one put it that way.


I am thinking the unthinkable and selling my 172 after just 4 months and 3500 miles and the 106 is top of my list if I do. Sounds like alot of people like these cars too.

It is costing me an absolute fortune at the moment on petrol and to monthly payments and with the house it is stopping me doing lots of things I want to do like holidays, etc. I think I am living above my means at the moment. I love the car and would be very sorry to see it go but if you know anyone who wants a showroom condition pearl black 172 MKII with alarm and only 3500 miles on the clock for £11,500 then please let me know.

My mate has one and had several races. Although his his chipped,filter,and zorst.

All captured on a dashboard video camera 0-60 he beat me by a cars length, 0-100 he again was ahead BUT after 110 i was pushing him out the way and passed him.

So after many tests my standard 16v would beat a standard 106gti and im sure other 16vs would as well.

As for swapping a 172 for a 106gti - to me doesnt make sense, the 106 isnt value for money like the 172. no air conditioning etc....

aaronc, you can pick up a Pug for £5,000 whereas the 172 cost £12,000, ummmmm, it is all about the maths really.
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Good choice mate, they are like little go karts and when tweeked are little pocket rockets but not really slow even in standard form. Bit basic inside but still have half leather and ABS etc.

Good luck mate you know my thoughts on the 172 now dont you !

I might not be far behind with the car situation mate.
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Sorry to hear that you are thinking of selling your 172. I hope you get what you want for it and that your finance company do not sting you for extra cash to pay of your loan. 106 is a good choice though.

Hope you stay on the forum.

greeper, cheers mate, I will still be around of course and I will still come to meets and especially 1/4 miling ! As for finance, there should not be a problem as I asked that question when I took out the loan with my bank.

I will be VERY sorry to see it go, if I could afford to do everything then I would keep it and I may be moving away on a temporary duty with work for a year and so there is no point paying all that money for something I will only use on the weekends if at all.
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Im actually thinking of a 106gti too. Going to our local Peugeot dealer tonight to have a look at one. It has to be in the yellow, which this one is, but its also quite rare in the fact it has full leather its on a x plate.

The salesman said if I was interested in the 106 hed consider buying my clio privately (said I refuse to trade it in and get silly money) because hes been looking for a 16v for weeks but cant find a good one.

  Turbo'd MX-5 MK4

sorry to hear that Daipac, if you are looking to sell your 172 then the 106 GTI is probably the next best thing, much better than the Saxos thats for sure.

Gaz 2130

PS. still waiting for my 172 to arrive, any day now.....

big hp, that sounds like a good deal if you can get it and you like the Pug ! The yellow does look stunning, GR sent me a pic of her mates car and it looks mint !

Cheers Gaz, you will be very happy with the 172 and hopefully I will feel the same with my next car !


ClioSport Club Member
  E92 M3

I had an S reg blue 106 gti and I loved it - however I had a lot of problems with (electrics) and it always cut out on cold mornings - had it to peugeot garages so many times and they could never find owt wrong with it.

It was a right laugh to drive - not as quick as my valver or my punto go but the handling was amazing - lift off oversteer round a wet roundabout and the arse would step out like a b*****d - was good fun though - easily controllable and not scary at all!

You could pick a decent one up for about 5/6k - then tune it - add some nos and uve got a 172 beater! *hides*

I have to sell my 172 first, it is in the for sale section if anyone knows anybody who is looking for one and does not want to wait for it.

I have always liked the 106s and it would be a lot cheaper for me than the 172 is at the moment, if I didnt have my house I would be fine but it has to come first.
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG


Agreed, I got my house a year ago, I manage to earn enough to live on my own and afford a 172, but sometimes it feels close. Mortgages at the moment are very high, My sister who is 28 is on £24,000 as a teacher and has been told she can have a mortgage of upto £80,000 which in Northampton gets you next to nothing.
I am currently looking for another job to make life easier, anyone want a network specialist for c£40,000?


  Shiny red R32


I forgot to add, that the gorgeous yellow 106 GTi that I sent you a picture of, has black leather upholstery, and when the door is open, the black and yellow contrast very well and look lovely together. Also, the seats and the car itself is very much lower than the 172, which I personally think is a little on the high side, but after a while, you do get used to climbing up into it!


put it this way, i would rather have a 150bhp 106 than a 180bhp clio.....the clios good but not quite the same handling wise.

ok, maybe i shouldnt of put it that not knockin my baby......

but there is just so little you can go to enhance the clio......its just a bit safe dont you think? needs another 40bhp and some really sketchy handling!!

BenR - you gonna show me how to race a car when Im back in Bristol?

A mates just bought a 172 and he wants to have a little head to head on a track day sometime.

  190 BHP Willy 2

Sorry but I agree with BenR.

After driving a 106gti my clio feels too safe the 106 feels more on edge, keeps you alert, which personally, I like. But as I said its only my opinion.

When it comes down too it though I Would miss my valver, and therefore PROBABLY would have too many doubts to sell her and buy a car which is very similar.

Scott ( :( ready for a slating :confused: )

Id be sorely tempted by a new 106GTi if I wanted a Clio 16v, but needed a brand new car. Basically, the 106 is the nearest youll get to an old-fashioned hot hatch, judging by the reviews.

Its the nearest youll get to a neo-16v in terms of the off-the-mark acceleration, handling and cult following.

But it doesnt come with the looks or motorway pull of the 16v. Ive not seen a 106 GTi that can keep up with a 16v at higer revs/50-70mph type stuff either.

Still, it costs relatively less and its a slightly newer design - so most used ones will be nice.

If you want sketchy handling you should try driving my 16v in the wet!!!! They are bloody quick the GTIs I had a run in with one and it could accelerate away, but in the higher revs I would gain on it and it did not have enough power to keep up with me up hills, but they are very nice cars, if you are selling your 172 why not buy a 16v, cheaper to insure.

The 106 Gti is one of the best EVER hot hatches around. How about the 306 Rallye( if you can find one ). Thats another sublime handler.

Good luck anyway, youll have tons of fun in a 106.:)

Cheers for all this guys, some really good reviews on the 106 GTi. Dunno what the chances are of selling my car tho.

Evo (for what its worth) had a bumper hot hatch issue in August 2001. Basically the Clio Williams caned all comers - including the 172 Mk2, SEAT Ibiza Curpa R (180bhp turbo jobbie), Mini Cooper, 106 GTi and so on.

Interestingly enough, the 106GTi was the quickest of all around the track (Willy was second, at 1 second behind), but was well behind the rest on acceleration and top speed. That speaks volumes about the 106s handling then.

Still, the Willy (and the 16v got a mention too!(y)) was loved as the best to drive - basically it allowed you to extract the full potential of the chassis without scaring seven kinds of poo out of you. That it was actually faster than all bar the 172 was a bonus too!

P.S. Willy was literally only tenths of a second slower in all measures.
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

With the care and attention both you and ChavyBoy have put into your cars selling them privately shouldnt be a problem.

greeper, cheers for that mate ! I really have kept the car in cotton wool and I have the reputation on my street of washing the car more than I drive it ! It is garaged every night without fail and washed every weekend or whenever it is needed ! It is not much less than you can get a new one for but it does have the £250 alarm and there is no waiting time for it.

I hope you are right and there should not be a problem selling it as I KNOW that whoever buys it will have ALOT of fun in it as you know with your choice of car !

I have been looking around for 106 GTis and there are some great ones around for around £5,000 which would be ideal ! Full leather too so hopefully it could all happen quickly !

If anybody knows anyone who is interested then please ask them to contact me. My ex-girlfriend is actually thinking of buying off me so that would be good, get to see the car then and I know it is going to a good home !

Just watched Clarkson on Sky, out of cars like the Lotus Elise, Ferrari 330, Ferrari 550, Nissan Skyline, VR6. M3.. (total of 10 cars in all).. the Pug 106 GTi came 2nd in the handling department (general handling, feedback etc..).. as chosen by Tim Harvey, Richard Burns and Clarkson himself.




  Shiny red R32


Pity she isnt your present girlfriend, because then you would still be able to drive it as well as the Pug!

  Astra 1.9cdti XP

Daipac how much do you expect to save by buying a 106GTI? I personally would never consider a 2nd hand car expecially a budget perforance car like the 172 and 106GTI. SO 5k for the would have to borrow over at the most 2 years to make it value for money, so thats £150 to £200 and your looking at a 3 year old car.....there is MOT, TAX and probably tyres......then remember its old so it will more than likely go wrong.......costs money to fix it.....fuel consumption will be only slightly better. I cant imagine you will make any money on the car after you have settled your where are you gonna save enough money to really make it worthwhile?

I may be completely wrong mind you!!!!

Quote: Originally posted by Hitman on 22 October 2002

BenR - you gonna show me how to race a car when Im back in Bristol?

A mates just bought a 172 and he wants to have a little head to head on a track day sometime.


Im afraid head to head is not allowed on a track day.............oops sorry, kijust aged 40 yrs in a split second.

And itll be cool to go up to a track day with some peeps, as a mate keeps getting his gti banned from teh track due to its condition...LOL....ive only been out against my mates audi 100 estate!!!

there is also the math that goes like this...

buy a 172 for 13k, sell it for 9.5 - loss 4k.

buy a second hand motor for 6k.. add the loss of 4k, oooops.. it stands ya at more than the 172 sold for lol..;)

Also depends if finance was used and the old front loading... and yes, the new rates of finance too...