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Throttle body bla bla bla!!!

  cup 172/ Laguna dci
I have changed the throttle body last night and the mrs was out in the car this morning and she says that there is a loss of power!! Does the new throttle body need to be married up to the ecu??? I called renault and asked this question and the guy said yes.. then he also said it was £87.50 for them to do it!!!!!

( this is because i had a tps circuit/switch a on my fault reader and the zig-zag light kept appearing and loss of power so i changed the throttle pedal last week nothing has changed now i have changed throttle body!!)
  Clio k4j - Clio 200T
I've changed many TB's on my car too.. the first was a ... mm think a sagem one (black plastic box) and the others new VDO metal box. All changed by myself, but everytime to get rid of the recovery mode i've had to bring the car to a near renault garage that with the clip setted the TB to work correctly (assuming setting correct values) and it worked istantly.
Every TB bought came with a CD.
:-o but they asked me a bit of money.. maybe 15£ .. 87 is scary for doing what they have to do!! ho much for replacing a clutch?! 1milion pounds!?
they do a calibration every time you turn the ignition on. It's fully automatic. Nothing needs doing.
  cup 172/ Laguna dci
i'll take it out for a drive when i get home see how it feels!! but the guy at renault says it needs to married to the ecu or is he talking bo**ox by the sound of it!!