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throttle body or loom gone :S

  Clio 1.2 dynamique
about a month ago i had my throttle position switch replaced on my car because i was having problems, but the man at renault said the problem may return and of course it did...
he sed i'll proberbly need a new throttle body or new loom
this is the warning light i get in my car....

and normally the coil light ( i think thats wat it is ) comes on wen i attempt to start driving it.

any one gt a ruff idea which 1 it may be
an also how much im looking to spend on the part and fitting of it?


  former 1.2 16v, now corsa
back of engine theres an ecu tampler lid, take it off as the wires may be rubbed through had the same problem, also your airbag lights on
  Clio 1.2 dynamique
how do i take the lid off?
and yer the airbag light goes off if i fiddle wid the cables under the seats
  Megane dci 130
Probably what renault said, its the loom to the throttle body. Iv always tightened the pins on it and iv never had one come back.