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Ticking, And Car Shaking

I know its a renault thing when the gear box shakes..

but today my cars gearbox started shaking more then it usually does.. the car does not pick speed as quick as it did before

and now as i was parking up.. i started hearing a ticking noise comming from somewere around the dash..

when i put my AC on the car shakes even more!!?

what can this problem be and how can it be solved..??
any chance it can be one of the following:

"Vacuum leak on intake, Or MAF sensor acting up if throttle body injection"
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all you gotta do is start the car and unplug them one at a time and if the idle of the car deosnt change than thats the plug thats not workin otherwise if nothing happens its not the plugs thanks.
^ your gearbox does tho,

theres 2mounts for the gearbox so either one need's to be replaced.

i recently got a new gear box fitted aswell?

if it needs replacing, does it slow the acceleration of the car down? as i mentioned.. the car does not move as quick as it normally does
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its the spark plugs mate if one doesnt spark one of the cylinders will be just smoking and not firing...
ok i just started the car up 10 mins ago.. i noticed there was allot of smoke coming from the exhaust? it was not black smoke.. any ideas!!??

so basically..

the car is

reeving itself
smoke from exhaust (not black)

i have not tried spark plugs yet...
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lol told you it will smoke please try spark plugs lol you want me to bloody post you some :)
Solved & Fixed!!

the problem was Coil Pack..!!

Thanks for all the help and support.. you were all a big help!... appreciate it alot..

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I think every single Clio i've ever had has needed a coil pack at some point! 5 minute job mate.
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My bro tells me his 1.2 Sport won't pull well on the M-way and never gets above 80mph.He's had the car checked out but nothing found.Could it be the coil-pack l wonder?
yeah, i was loosing acceleration too..

i replaced the coil pack and spark plugs.. and it seems to be back to normal now...