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Anyone know a good cheap place to get tints done around these areas.

Would also travel to anyhere else around that area like brighouse,batley,dewsbury e.t.c.

Thanks for any recomendations

Manchester? about an hour away from leeds, £175 with life-time guarentee, he takes all your windows out, files to the edges and dries before putting them in. Takes about 4 hours.

From clean 16v:

The name of the place is Auto secure and his name is gary, not sure of a number so you will have to get it from directory enquires. Its auto secure, in cheadle, manchester. Tell him the guy with the black clio sent you

For anyone whos had tints, how long have they been blemish free?

should i expect to have to get people to honour the warranties?

i.e. is it going to be a better idea to go with a big company like pentagon?