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To Clio or not to Clio

  Honda Civic
Hi all.

I currently drive a type r civic and I was thinking about getting a 2002
clio 172. I was just wondering if they are a reliable car when given a
bit of stick? I owned a saxo vts before and it was terrible for reliability
but it was the most fun car to drive ever, the saxo just left me with the
impression that french cars are to be avoided but I really like these little

Any advice (tips on buying one, problems to look for) would be appreciated.
  Tiger R6 / Saxo Vts
Why you thinking of getting a 172 after the civic?

I chose the 182 I bought over the civic because it felt more fun - and it felt quicker from the drivers seat even though it isn't.

I had a saxo vts before, and mine was 100% relauble and fun - I loved it.

The Clio has also been 100% reliable, no faults as yet.

Mines for sale - although I'm guessing it's more then you want to spend (5500) if you are looking at a 172...
  Honda Civic
Mine is a 1.6 type r which is better than the crappy uk spec ep3's.

A guy offered me a swap for his clio and i was just doing some research.
  arctic 182 ff
had mine exactly a year now done 11,000 eager miles in it,hand full of mods,de-cat,system,inlets,filter+caf,re-map,lowered,its just turned 60,000 and is getting quicker by the day keeps up with type r,s and supprises plenty of other cars out there,whilst returning good mpg.cant complain :)


ClioSport Club Member
thats good my old 172 started to go wrong at 75000 blew a head gasket and needed a couple of wheel bearings lol but it was an electrical nightmare:dead:

It did cost me quite a bit when it reached the 70k mark.

Big 72k service and cambelt change, new alternator, brakes [discs and pads] both drive-shafts, windscreen washer pumps [both] etc.

Only the clutch gearbox and engine are original, pretty much everything else has been changed.
they're hit or miss, some are reliable, some aren't!

I've owned mine 3 months and have replaced the pedometer (accelerator pedal) and am currently suffering some more electrical problems at the moment.

It's early days yet so I couldn't call it unreliable, I think I've just had an unlucky few months!

As for fun, they're awesome. Mine's the 172 cup and it surprises everyone with its performance, they're a bit of a sleeper.