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to decat or not to decat

  RenaultSport clio 172 mk1
as you will know from my previous threads, my car is going for a rolling road session and remap at hill power end of the month. At the mo it only has a cat back system and a piperx filter. Does any 1 know where i can get a det cat from and is it worth it? I have heard that they can make the car run worse due to the lamba sensors affecting the air/fuel mix??? Also my car is one of the 1st 172's, there seems to be 2 cats on it from the down pipes????? never seen this before. any sugestions????

get the decat before your rr session, then they'll be able to adjust the fueling.
IMO its worth it
yeah i would aswell mate, seems to pull much better through the revs, could be my imagination though
  RenaultSport clio 172 mk1
cheers lads, what do you reckon bout wot i said bout the 2 cats? it seems the manifold comes from the engine 4 in to 2, into 200 cats then into 1????? never seen this before???? can imagine this being expensive!!!doe