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To do list app

Too many choices so your recommendations will be helpful. Basically I manage a team so constantly giving and taking actions (separate from our main work order system).

Our computers are locked down so unable to install software. We have office 365 apps and Teams but I find it f**king useless.

It’s a fast paced environment so I take notes, I’ve tried a bullet journal but it only remains neat for 1 day.

Work phone is a slow android mobile so no use for apps. Personal phone is an iPhone which I don’t mind using for work.

Which app and workflow works best for you?

Is there an app I can use for both work and personal but keep them separate?
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ClioSport Admin
I use Notion, Microsoft To-Do and JIRA for giving tasks to my team and working on projects

All seems a bit OTT in order to send this to your team?