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Tom tom go or full Pioneer Sat Nav

Hey all,
Been wanting sat nav for a long long time and Im almost at the point of seriously considering buying it,
I have a Pioneer 6500DVD slide out screen with dvd player and Im trying to toss up between spending the big big money and getting the Pioneer nav DVD unit (around 800 ish i think it will be) or going the cheaper route and settling for a tom tom go unit,

The way I see it, the tom tom is portable and can do stuff like speed cameras maybe and is much cheaper, and its portable. The Pioneer is much neater, I assume better?? touchscreen etc etc but thats where my knowledge runs out!1

Opinions/comments/criticisms of either please!




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exactly wot Bryan says.

Ive got same setup as you and opted for the tomtom unit rather then the pioneer add on

The head unit options are no way as good as the tomtom or other units. IMO
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On of my mates has had the poineer with sat nav, and one has tom tom. I can confirm that the tom tom if far better as a sat nav unit. More features, better display, and better logic.

The poineer once took my friend all the way to bristol in order to go from newquay to east grinstead (just below london). And it made him go round in circles in the town centre.


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^^^ yup at least tomtom have regular updates

With a HU version u have to wait till a new disc comes out every few years?? Which u pay for

wow some interesting responses there, cheers for that, very good point about the updates had not thought about that,

I had assumed the display and interface would be better on the pioneer tho!

Off to read up about the variations on the tom tom!!

or even if one of the big names embraced the internet and allowed updates of the nav software using memory cards. theres a few HUs out there with memory stick slots and some that support loading animations and pictures from cds so how hard can it be!!

then we would really be talking! nice installed units with speed camera options customisable points of interest, funny voice support etc etc!!

i have heard the tom tom is better for sat nav, but i went for the pioneer one, less added on bits to the dash, wires etc, looks much neater, and the sat nav is good enough for me! the touch screen, dvd player, etc is all an added bonus etc.

i would probably have went for the tom tom but if i did, i would hav got a road angel and a normal cd player aswell, which would have cluttered up the dash with wires, windscreen suckers etc. wasnt really what i wanted.

i honestly think the pioneer sat nav is good enough for most people, but then again, i dont know how much you will use it etc..

justin (PM me if you have any questions)