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TomTom differences???

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Need to get myself a Sat Nav and have decided to go for a TomTom but not sure what the differences are between each model. I won't need the European maps supplied with the 710 and 910, but are there any additional features included with them (over the 510) that are worth the extra money? Where is the cheapest place to purchase them, Halfords are doing web exclusive offers which are the cheapest I've found so far >

Finally will I require the external ariel due to the 182 windscreen?
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i have had a tom tom one working on a 182 and 172
i know the tom tom one has the new pickup which is more sensitive
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if you take the 910 out of the equation the only diffrence between the 710 and the 510 is the european mapping so no basic diffrence you should not need a aerial as the new tomtom's run with the sirf star 3 chipsets which are ok in the 182..
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No you dont need an aeriel.
Ive got a 910 and once its up and running the signal is fine through the windscreen.
Difference between the 510 and 710 is 710 has full europemapping and 510 just has major roads.

TomTom one GB is the way forewards. lol


I have a TomTom 500 for sale...
No box...
Includes Leads, stand and TomTom


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sneeks said:
The updated styling for the TomTom One is nice and it only costs £199

Or free from work ;)

The tomtom one might be the way forwards for some people who dont want european mapping, but for those who do, wait for the tomtomone europe to come out.
Get a nokia symbian mobile, pocket pc, palm etc. Then PM me for a very cheap latest tom tom sat nav. With every map and all speed camera locations
jon_r said:
Can you not add the Europe maps to the Tomtom One GB then?
Yep you can but you need a new card the stock 128mB oneisn't big enopugh i got a 2 gig one and it holds all roads in Europe except Scandinavia I think.