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Top Dealer Service

Had my 172 for almost 2 weeks now, and noticed a flaw in the paintwork on the passenger door when polishing it last week-end (How come you never notice these things when you collect the car?).

Didnt want to have a go at rectifying it myself with it being under warranty, so visited the supplying dealer last night to have a chat with the salesman responsible for the deal, but he had left for the evening. Left my name and number with a colleague of his with the promise of a return call today.

Phone rang this afternoon - Bring it in and Ill have a look at it said the dealer, so I did.

Within 2 minutes of me turning up the cutting compound was out, followed by a couple of coats of polish. As it was late in the day and the light was fading, salesman says See what you think in some proper light tomorrow, and if youre still not happy, bring it back and well let the bodyshop have a go at it with a polishing mop - you can use my Cup while its in if thats ok with you.

Nearly fell over - almost tempted to take it back anyway just to have the loan of a Cup for a day or two! Has restored my faith in main dealers, and makes a refreshing change from a lot of the scare stories you hear.
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

Well just goes to show that there are GOOD dealers out there.

Care to share the dealer?


Certainly - Holdcroft Renault.

The whole buying/owning experience has been A1 from start to finish (kiss of death now).

Myself and a friend tried to buy a couple of VWs before seing the light, but we couldnt give our money away to them - dealers simply werent interested and we visited 2 different ones just to make sure we hadnt picked a bad one in the first place!


Reg Vardy Renault in Sunderland and Stoneygate (near Houghton-le-Spring) are both spot on, pity Felling Reg Vardy Renault are a bunch of w4nkers! and that is where the body shop is :(



Ive found Arnold Clark (Warrington) to be superb, Theyve taken over the Caledonia Renaults in the NW.