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Torsion Trouble...

Right, my car went to Top Gear Performance in Doncaster for shocks, and lowering springs fitting. When I got it back, the rear of the car looked really low despite asking them to lower it only 40mm (in line with the front), they said they measured it, and it was exactly how I asked for it.

Now, the rear shocks didnt arrive so mines still running standard rear shocks and a huge drop, which considering Ive got a set of 16s with 45s on is rubbing a fair amount. I took it back in and said it was way too low and would they please adjust it... that was this morning.

When I went to pick it up, they said they couldnt raise it and it was my fault for having wheels too big.

I always thought torsion bars were fairly adjustable and not too hard, only causing problems if left for ages, decade or more with adjustment. They told me that to adjust mine they had to use a 13mm bit just so they could remove it to adjust and that this knackers the threads.

So, what Im concerned about is, have they f*cked me over. Theyve lowered it way too much, despite not admitting it, now Im concerned that theyve knackered my torsion bar.

My solution was going to a garage and getting them to look at it and give me a written report on any damage, this can then be sent to Top Gear as can the bill for any repair work thats needed.

Can anyone give me any suggestions?
  Skoda Fabia vRS

if you need it checked out get down to Hill Power, if anythin is wrong Nick will spot it for sure, and hes a Renault specialist so they cant argue