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total power loss when just stated up

  mk2 172

the las couple of times ive started the car from cold for the first few minutes it sometimes looses all power and tries to cut out, it then works ok for a few seconds until i try and set off so i have to dip clutch fast to avoid stalling, another couple of minutes and it seems fine. this is pissing me right off too. anyone any ideas what it might be???? cheers in advance,


Yeh mine too, its started recently and doesnt do it all the time, only every now and then. Ive tried cleaning the air bypass valve and tried adjusting the throttle potentiometer but to no avail. I really havent got a clue.

Also i have noticed that my car has started juddering when pushing it hard round left hand bends, it doesnt make any difference whether im accelerating, backing off or in neutral, im a bit worried cause i cant see anything immediate that stand out an an concerned that it could be serious. I had a new clutch put in a couple of days ago and everything seemed fine untill yesterday.

Please Help.



i had this problem when i had my 1997 Mini Cooper Si

it was the ECU, needed to be reset.

also i had the clutch changed, as the clutch wasnt disengaging properly, causing it to stall when coming up to yellow lines/traffic lights or even pulling off the drive...

hope this helps.

Juddering round corners might be a shaft of some sort, so itd a conicidence with your cluch been mended I think.

I remember on my mates RT it only did it round right hand bends, and got progressivly worse.....

Been talking to capt. about starting and stalling probs.

On the V6, after a drive the engine is real hot, so when you park up for about1/2hr the fuel in the lines vaporises. And since its non return fuel rail, your stuck with vapour for a few mins.

it also sounds like fuel supply prob since it runs fine after a few mins, so its not a spark prob.

try leaving the key in the "ignition on position for 10 secs before starting. is the willy a non return system too? i would of thought it has a return line.

try checking the fuel supply @ cold. just take the fuel line off the fuel rail (when cold and the prob occurs) and place it into a retainer of some sort (glass/beaker) and then turn the engine over....does fuel come out straight away?

just a few ideas, could be completle wrong!!