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Totally gutted

My beautiful Williams 3 was stolen last night by some theiving f**kwit from right outside my house. I could cry. :cry:
  mk2 172

:(gutted, hope the fukker crashs and burns (not in the willy). what t**sers there is about. sorry mate

This morning. Last saw the car at about 10.30pm. Asked the woman in the tanning salon place on the corner if it was there when they opened up this morning, but she said it wasnt. So some time between 10.30 last night and 9am.

Would have thought the police would have come straight round, but no sign of them yet :(
  Leon Cupra

When my first car was stolen the coppers didnt even come round they just took my details over the phone and said they would keep an eye out for it. And when I found the car dumped they still didn’t come round they just told me to move it before it gets towed away and they charge me for it.:mad:

I was thinking about upgrading to a Thatcham CAT1 security system, but never got round to it. Just kicking myself that I didnt get round to doing it. Didnt hear a thing. The fecking standard alarm has been going off since I got the car when ever the battery ran flat or anything, and as soon as I need it to alert me to the fact that the car was under attack, nothing. Feck feck feck.

If you have a Willy or Valver with the standard Renault heaposh*te alarm, get it upgraded now. Its obviously useless.

Barstards........Sorry too hear that mate

Give the number plate out on the site? and everyone will keep a look out 4 u

Gutted for you mate, hope your lucky and they run out of fuel somewhere and dont do any damage, might be worth posting up plate and engine details across boards incase it gets stripped.

There was quite a lot of fuel in the car, unfortuantely. Ill speak to the police about whether I should circulate the cars details (if they ever show up :confused:).

The Williams is comprehensively covered by insurance, but I took the decision not to proetect my NCB, which means Ive just gone from 5 years NCB to no NCB over night. Theres absolutely no way Ill be able to insure another Willy (or even a Valver) without NCB. Thats the worse thing about it. Ill have to get myself a bloody Fiesta 1.25 or something.

Still got the 172 (and will be sleeping in it with baseball bat from now on), but its not really mine.

sorry to hear that rhys hopefully the coppers will find it mate and the people who did it and we can string them up between your 172 and my cup and go in the opposite directions!!!! tear them a new arss!!!
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Very sorry to hear that Rhys, I guess theres still a slim chance you might get it back in 1 peice. Heres hoping.


ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

Thats f**king terrible Rhys. If the police agree we should put the details on here like chassis number, etc.
  clio 20v

the fukin w**kers gutted for ya mate

there is a chance u may get it back though

they must hav had a good idea what they were doing tho cos the standard reno immob is CAT2 rated on the later cars


Police still havent turned up. The lady I spoke to said it was "dependant on staffing" and that they couldnt give a time, but its like over 3 hours since I reported it. :confused: Thought they might want to come and look for evidence or something, but there are people already parking in the spot where it was. Okay, Im not expecting forensics and a little white tent or anything, but itd be nice for someone to come and take a look.

Is it right that I lose all my no claims bonus? Ive never made a claim before, and I already pay close to a grand insurance on the Willy with 5 years NCD. Seems well harsh that I lose all NCD. Must have easily paid the price of replacing the Willy in insurance over that time. Will be thousands without No Claims Bonus.



Thats terrible mate.

If you didnt have protected NCB then I think thats all of its gone :( Just because of some little f****r :mad:
  clio williams, Ph1 172

Oh f**k. Sorry mate, thats terrible. That car was well nice as well. Completely standard the way they should be.

Around South yorkshire is terrible for car crime. Thats why you pay through the nose for insurance.

The police are useless. Ive had my car broken into in the past and they never came round.


Ive claimed on damage to my car (windscreen and vandalism), acts obviously not caused by myself (unless i was sleep walking) and not lost any NCB...

I suppose it might depend on the size and nature of the claim plus who you are insured with.

Best to phone your insurance company asap and keep your fingers crossed. Im sure the majority on theis forum will keep their fingers crossed too. Best of luck & let us know how it goes.

Sorry to hear about you loss.

The police dont care as long as there figures for crime are lower than last yr or are what there targets are then thats it.

The police nowadays is all about figures and paperwork not real policing on the streat. No officers want to go out and have to arrest someone as they will be chaged with excessive use of force by wholever the apprehend is or charged with being racisit/ ageist/ sexist. I can understand why they dont come out of the office although its there job. The lawyers of this work are the problem IMO. I belive the police noways even have to completel paperwork saying who exaclty thy questioned so the force cannot be accused of being racist.



  Shiny red R32


I am so sorry for you having had your car stolen. I had an Astra GTE stolen a few years ago and although it was alarmed and immobilsed, it didnt stop the thieves, as it was taken away on a breakdown lorry as I was to learn a couple of days later. I had spent about three hours earlier the same day washing and polishing it and it disappeared in a very shiny condition. Unlike you, when I phoned the police they were at my house within ten minutes.

They rang four days later to say that it was found in Edinburgh still in a clean condition apart from the filler cap, which had been removed and a plastic one in its place. They were suspicious when they saw someone taking the wheels off then realised from the number that it had been reported stolen. I soon sold it as I didnt feel the same about it afterwards.

Hope you are as lucky as I was Rhys and get it back, because if it was stolen to order as the police thought mine was, due to the clean condition it was in when found, you could be lucky.

It is a horrible feeling when you go to your car and it isnt there!

  TT 225

OMG just seen this thread - and condolences Rhys - but hopefully you will get your car back. Its such an individual car, and I know I always notice another Williams on the road. I had the immobiliser problem too - but for some reason as soon as i picked the car up i tested it. Effectively broke into my own car and it started straight away so my first mod was a cat 1 alarm and immobiliser

Again, gutted for you and hope it turns up