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Toyo’s Good Price

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Just got a quote for Toyos. 195x45x16 £58.69 inc Vat Fitting and Balancing is this good ?

BTW this is from Elite in Essex on 01708 525577.


Impressed with the P1s was we Ivan?most certainly the best rubber a dollar can buy! Only if comdom manufactors used the same compound!! man would have no more worries in life!!

Proxies T1s Ivan are for sure the way forward!!! DS2000 / G88s still feel a bite sh*te... hope they start to bite soon!!!!

Had a laugh saturday m8, have to do it again, but without the cars next time...
  Clio v6

That seems a very good price. I had them from Elite last year and Im sure they cost about £75 each then.

They didnt seem to last very long though, about 6k miles the where looking very thin, and I am your Mr ordinary driver.

However they made the car feel really secure at last. So they where worth every penny.

Say no more... £30 apiece including delivery for the Toyo Proxes T1S.

All you need to do then is find somewhere to fit them for you... My local place were bunch of rip-off barstewards, and charged £15 each, but even then they were only £45 each.