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Toyo - pressures

I am running 205/40 R17 TOYOS Proxes TS-1. I have just filled them to the same level as my original 15s which is 2.3Bar(34psi) at the front and 2.1Bar(31psi) at the rear. If this is wrong for 17s someone please let me know as there is no guide anywhere!!



I have toyos on my super ts (which are up for sale £270ono - see supert thread in forsale section)

28 psi all round

man i pump mine up to fuk.... I like the fronts on 36-37ish and rears on 32-34 unless I want some sideways or good handbrakes then I pump rears to 40psi
  Skoda Fabia vRS

mine dont seem to grip that well at anythin below 35, i usually stick 36 in all round

it doesnt really matter what size wheels you have, its a measure of pressure not amount of air

though if you have skinny tyres you might wanna have em hard to stop pot holes destroyin your wheels

I have found that they like higher pressure than the orginal contis but I have only had them a week so I need to play around with the pressure. I would say you still need more in the fronts thou due to the weight balance. I am going to phone a few places to see what their opinion is.

A good sign is the tyre wear pattern, scrubbing out etc.

funny, I run 32 all round, and dont think they grip as well as they could do...

Think I should go for 36 all round?


  Skoda Fabia vRS

Daz try 36 front , 34 rear, an see what you think, if its too hard for you then let a bit out....

its best to mess around with it an see what you think is best

Brun, Ill be doing that first thing tomorrow - As long as I have a starting point, Im ok.. hehe.