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Toyo Proxes

Ive been using these for a couple of days now....

I find that the ride is now smoother and quieter - bear in mind I m on AVO springs. The car doesnt seemed to be as affected by camber changes and longitudinal ruts. The back now comes around markedly in comparison to the Contis and makes for a different driving experience as I used to have to provoke that effect at low speed

Overall I reckon the Contis give better road feel than the Toyos but thats with around 50 miles under my belt - time will tell.

Has anyone else tried them after the OEM Contis ?


the bit about the back end appears slightly worrying Arjun.. perhaps a wee bit softer on the rear may help.. suspension and tyre pressures...

you SHOULD have to provoke it really.. the only time its a blessing is when you can control it with slight lift off.. and control is the critical thing..

  (ex-2.0 Hybrid)CorradoVR6

I found contis to be really sh*t to put it bluntly.

Although they did seem to last for ages.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio v6

I had proxies on my 172. They gripped well I felt ( and Im no expert ) but sadly they wore out in 6k miles. I didnt do anything daft to burn the rubber, just fast long journeys.

Oh and they looked pretty too.:D
  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah my Toyos are good in the dry, they grip and grip...but with a few thousand miles wear on them, they are becoming nasty in the wet. Very different from my old Goodyear Eagles which were superb throughout their life.

I had toyo proxes on my 172 when i had the superTs, so i only drove them for a couple of thousand miles but they seemed excellent to me, much better than contis....had to provoke the rear, like captn said, try slightly softening the rear.

The current tyres on my 172 (falken fk451) are also very good but have pretty much lasted me 2 bedford autodrome days and 8000 road miles, they are getting extremely close to HAVING to be replaced (at the front mainly)



hmmm.....contisportsa re OE fitment on many of our probs there.

im not a big fan of the toyo proxis or whatever there called...expensive and average.

if you want good toyos try the tampio.....sham its not available in the UK, but you can get the suppliers to bring them in.....

bridgestones are far better.
  BMW 320d Sport

hehe talking of Porsches I was doing the shopping last night and a 911 was behind me going into the car park. I parked up and clocked it as it went into the opposite space and it was mental - a GT3 or GT2, I cant remember what all the different models are - it was like a normal new 911 but just more mental looking.

Anyway what got me was the rims. I just had to go and check them out, Euro style deep dish splitties, bit of detective work in the dark revealed the tyre profile - 315/25/19!

I thought my 215/35/18 were hardcore but thats just outrageous! Those tyres were seriously like rubber bands.