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Toyota Picnic physco!!

This is a weird one, came across a Toyota Picnic people carrier thing on my way home tonight. He was giving it some gas so I thought Id join in, I overtook him and he got really, really pissed off, driving like a lunatic to try and keep up with me. I left him for dead along one clear peice of road, but he caught up with me in traffic, and then followed me all the way to my house and watched me park up.

Now, my car is just parked on our driveway and I worried this nutter may come back some time and do something to my beautiful car.

What does eveyone think? Anyone else had a similar incident?


Ive been followed a couple of times. I think the trick is to drive to call the police on your mobile, say a nutter is following you and drive to the nearest police station. I nearly had to do that last weekend but I managed to lose the nutter in the last of the XR3is that was following me. Letting them see where you live is a bad idea, but he might have just been trying to freak you out.....

  mk2 172

its like that nob ed in the people carrier who went mad after a fleet of clios overtook him at the last meet

I thought I had lost him. I turned off a road early and he went past, I did a quick u-turn and pulled into my drive - and there he was right behind me. I can only think that he waited in the garage opposite to see if I went past and then spotted me (I obviously hadnt spotted him), and by then it was a bit late. I looked at him and he drove off. Hopefully he will calm down and will forget all about it in a few days.

  VW Potato

theres something about the nuts in those Picnics. One left me for absolute dead in a traffic light GP 18months ago in the Golf.

Think about. Its an MPV. It has a stupid name. Youre in a neat hot hatch that says Im young and enjoying life, hes in car that says Im reigned in by my nuts and I drive the most stupid looking and stupidly named MPV, ever.

You can understand why Picnic man has a chip or two.

Moral or the story? Never nitpic with a Picnic. Fact.


That is a bit mad mate.
I had a similar incident about 4 months ago in my Cooper before I got my new one where this guy in a Pug 405 on about an L plate was really taking the Piss going up this hill at about 25 in a 60 so I put my toe down and despatched him in second only to have him flashing like mad. The road then drops to a 30 so I did, before it then goes back to a national speed limit over a nice set of twists. (Incidentley the same set of twists where I had that blast with the 172 which my first ever post was about!! But lets not go into that.)
Anyway I put my toe down until coming up behind another dordler. The Pug is now right up on my bumper and the car infront indicates to turn right. t**t neck behind me doesnt see this so pulls out to do us both. Guy infront slams on his brakes to stop the pug taking his door out and I activate my ABS to stop taking his back end out. So off we go again only this time with the hideous 405 leading the march. He was rolling round corners at about 70 spending half his time on the wrong side of the road where the pretty nifty handling Cooper wasnt even trying. Came to the junction and sure enough he was going the same way I was so as his diesel lump isnt the sharpest tool in the shed I once again comfortabley despatched him in second. Dropped into another 30 getting really close to my house and he is on my bumper again. Indicated to go down my road and so does he. Thought b****cks to this and went staright past my house onto another good stretch of road and left him for dead before returning to my driveway safe and sound 10 mins later.
Bit long I know so apologies.


  Shiny red R32

Eightball, I hope you took a note of the registration number of this Picnic! If a similar thing happens again, dont park up in your drive, instead, go past your own house and park up outside someone elses until the pursuer disappears. At least then, he wont know where you live, unless of course he is a policeman, when all he has to do is enter your reg. number into the police computer, which will tell him where you live.
  VW Potato

GirlRacer, Id be alarmed if a policeman was behaving in that manner. If the police are nutters, whos going to aprehend the other nutters? Worrying!