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Which are the best insurance companies to go third party with?

I'm just not using my 206 as much as i use too - only like 2 weekends a month which is abit :(

So i am going to sell it, stick it up on AT sometime this week.

Going to probably spend somthing like £800 - £1000 on a s**t heap, and insure it TP.

However, got a few quotes on a car and they were coming back at £2500?! Mental. Any recomendations?
  Titanium 182
106 diesel is always a cheap TPF&T car parts can be bought for peanuts and you will only have to put a full tank of diesel in it once a quarter they use that little fuel.
When you get a quote though, check for FC, as on my old 306, FC was £20 odd CHEAPER than TPFT!!!! Go figure.
  Mini Cooper S
Comparison sites give you stupid quotes for TPFT, give adrian flux, brent acre, chris knott etc a call!
I have e-mailed adrian flux - and i'm not sure if brent acre will insure me, everytime i have done a quote i have to be 19 (Which is not for another 6 months).

Nowt wrong with gold ;)
I'm not fussy on the colour haha, that was just the first example i picked out.